Cuna del guayacán real (Guaiacum sanctum) en el Bosque Tropical Seco de Costa Rica desde 1991

In the forest world, nothing surpasses the beauty, biodiversity and inherent value of a primary forest.  In a demonstration of great vision, Costa Rica decided to protect and safeguard for future generations a significant portion of the forested land within its borders, including several different forest types. Among these protected biomes is the Dry Tropical Forest, home to the most commercially valuable tree species in the region

Unfortunately, by the time people had become aware of the vital importance of environmental conservation, much of the damage had already been done.  So much destruction has taken place in some areas that, essentially, there is nothing left to preserve!  In precisely these areas, therefore, we must proactively go beyond conservation and consider environmental restoration, prioritizing – as much as possible – the recuperation of those forest species most at risk of extinction.

The history of San Lorenzo, a severely degraded former cattle ranch and site of this eco-reforestation and environmental restoration project since 1991, is typical of the tragedy that befell hundreds of thousands of hectares that, until just a few decades ago, were home to dry tropical forests.  These forests were indiscriminately eliminated to make way for grazing land in the second half of the 20th century.